Safety & Quality Standards

Alfred Palma LLC's safety program begins with a Management Policy Statement that outlines the company's commitment to the safety of our employees. The safety of our employees, subcontractors, and visitors is paramount. It is our goal to comply with all aspects of the OSHA regulation as set forth in 29 CFR 1926.20, along with documentation and record keeping.
To implement these requirements, we have:
a. prepared a Company Safety Program to serve as an outline of the policies, 
    procedures, and responsibilities that have been adopted. 
b. employed a full-time Safety Coordinator, who has a wide knowledge of industry 
    safety requirements. 

The Supervision, Safety Coordinator, and the Project Manager work together to establish the specific safety parameters for the project. The Safety Coordinator makes regular visits to each project site, working closely with the supervisor to review and establish safe work procedures for each phase of  the work. These procedures are implemented through a Site Specific Safety Plan, a Job Safety Plan, and a daily Job Safety Analysis, which is signed by the employees prior to each phase of work to ensure that each employee understands the hazards associate with the task, and agrees to work by the safety procedures outlines.

Most importantly, the Safety Coordinator has been given authority to direct the Supervision to correct and unsafe conditions and, if necessary, stop the work until serious safety concerns can be addressed.

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